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Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

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About the Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment

The Yocan FLAME Vaporizer is outfitted with a glass attachment that significantly improves the quality of the vapors you get from this multi-functional wax vaporizer. The Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment is a replacement part that boasts the same features and specifications as the original Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment that came with your Yocan FLAME out of the box. Compared to other Yocan devices that sport glass mouthpieces like the Yocan Dive Mini and the Yocan Falcon, the glass attachment that comes with the Yocan FLAME has knurled and knotted perforations which gives it a unique look. It also has a larger capacity to hold more water for better filtration and moisturization.


  • Magnetic Connections
  • Doubles as Water Bubbler
  • Moisturizes Vapors

What's in the box:

1x  Yocan FLAME Glass Attachment