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Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is a refillable pod system that won’t leave you high and dry. We’ve never seen anything quite like this refillable pod system. As soon as your friends get a look at the squashed teardrop shape you can be sure that they will want to give it a go for themselves. And they won’t be disappointed:

  • Unique design 
  • Tight draw with a satisfying throat hit
  • Fill with your favorite flavored e-liquid

Suorin have put a lot of time and effort into perfecting the Drop’s ergonomic design, but they haven’t skimped on the functionality either. Just shy of three inches tall, the Suorin Drop fits easily in the palm of your hand and is ideal for stealth vaping. But unlike some other pod systems, the Drop doesn’t have that cheap, hollow feel that you that you get with some poor quality consumer electronics.

The droplet is manufactured from a zinc alloy and finished with a brightly colored silicone rubber casing (except the black Drop, which has a sleek metal finish). The Drop feels firm and robust and this ‘heftiness’ adds to the overall vape experience.

The clear plastic part at the pointy end of the teardrop is called the pod. The Drop pod is the part that you detach and fill with your favorite flavored e-liquid. Drop pods are engineered to give you the best possible hit each time you inhale. When you wrap your lips around the end of the teardrop, the vapor is forced right to the back of your mouth, giving a smooth and satisfying throat hit. The Suorin Drop pod’s dual wicking atomizer system is also designed to give you a superior draw and minimize the chances of you getting a hit that’s too dry or too harsh. 

The Drop is so slim that it almost looks 2D in some of the photos. The device actually has a depth of 12mm, but it will still slip into your pocket easily. This does mean, however, that the battery may be a little small for some users. The 300 mAh battery will last all day for some people, but if you see yourself using the vape a lot, then the micro USB charger will fully recharge the device in 45 minutes.

If you are reading to experience one of the most innovative pod vapes on the market, put the Suorin Drop starter kit in your cart today.

What's in the box:

  • Suorin Drop device
  • 1 x Suorin Drop 2ml refillable cartridge
  • Micro USB cable
  • Suorin Drop user manual