Phoenician Gravity Pipe Adapter

Phoenician Gravity Pipe Adapter

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About the Phoenician Gravity Pipe Adapter

The Phoenician Gravity Pipe Adapter is the solution to all of the typical inconveniences associated with homemade attachments. This adapter incorporates a large bowl for your herbs and/or tobacco to be placed. It has a single hole that allows for fast combustion and continuous smoke flow into the containing bottle. The bottom of the adapter has two different size attachments, which fit snugly to the bottle. The smaller size will fit any standard soda, water, or 2 liter bottle types. The larger size will fit any standard Gatorade® or Powerade® bottle types. The Phoenician Gravity Pipe Adapter is CNC machined from a single piece of aluminum. After machining the adapter is hand polished then anodized. Like all Phoenician products the adapter comes with a lifetime warranty. It also incorporates the same lobe-knob grip as the Phoenician Grinders making it easy to hold and use. 

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