Ooze Duplex 2 Replacement Onyx Atomizer 2-Pack

Ooze Duplex 2 Replacement Onyx Atomizer 2-Pack

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  • Duplex 2 Replacement 2-Pack  
  • Onyx Atomizers 
  • Very Affordable Replacements 
  • Ooze C-Core Smart Ceramic 
  • 100% Heavy Metal Free 
  • Sub-Ohm Vaporizer Atomizers 
  • Patented Ooze Ceramic 
  • Deep Concentrate Buckets 
  • Engineered Airflow 

The Onyx Atomizer is the central power source of every Ooze Concentrate C-Core device. It is a deep atomizer bucket with a special dish in the bottom. This dish is made of Ooze’s patented Azul ceramic, which expertly delivers even heat to vaporize every last bit of concentrate. It features an innovative air pathway that draws air in below the dish. The air is then pulled up on either side of the ceramic dish so it circulates through the entire atomizer bucket, not just around the top. This results in minimal residue. 

To replace the Onyx Atomizer, simply unscrew the original bucket from the Duplex 2 base and discard. Screw in a replacement and the device is ready to go. All Ooze C-Core devices offer replacement packs for the Onyx Atomizer. The Duplex 2 replacement pack has the red and black box, make sure customers match the right pack to their device for best results.