OMNI Q Quartz 14mm Male Set
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OMNI Q Quartz 14mm Male Set

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About the OMNI Q Quartz 14mm Male Set

  • The first fully machined nail on the market
  • One piece fuzed quartz, no threads
  • 100% fuzed quartzMade in California, USA
  • 99.9% pure GE Semiconductor grade quartz
  • Nearly zero coefficient of expansion
  • Extremely high thermal shock resistance
  • Thick wall and bottom for optimum heat retention
  • Hand tooled, polished joint
  • 4mm thick secondary vaping floor for thorough vaping of large dabs
  • 25mm XL dish for our largest vaping surface yet
  • Designed not to puddle on large low temp dabs

What's in the box:

1x OMNI Q Quartz 14mm Male Set