LA Grinders Pollen Press
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LA Grinders Pollen Press

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About the LA Grinders Pollen Press 

Turning kief into a compressed hash cake is a snap with the L.A. Grinders Pollen Press dowel rod system. It’s incredibly durable aluminum construction that forms a solid block, putting the pressure where it needs to be- on that terpene-rich kief!

Designed with premium anodized aluminum, this L.A. Grinders Pollen Press has a black main hollow outer chamber and two black end caps; the L.A. Grinders Pollen Press uses two dowels to press smaller or larger amounts of hash.

In a pinch, this 2.5” x 1” L.A. Grinders Pollen Press is easily carried around when assembled and even used as a container for carrying all kinds of dry herb or smoker’s tools! It only weighs a few ounces and creates an airtight, smell-proof, and water-proof seal.

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1x LA Grinders Pollen Press