SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer black spray red
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer desert camo
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer full color
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer camo yellow
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer red spray black
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer green spray black
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer Black Spray White
SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer Northpole Camo

SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer

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  • 220W 
  • 200F – 600F 
  • 0.35V – 8V 
  • Upgradeable Firmware 
  • OLED Display 
  • 2x18650 Batteries Required 

About the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer 

The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer is one of SMOK’s high-end vaping devices. It’s outfitted with a slew of features you’d find only on premium vaporizers like the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer. It’s able to throw down a solid 220W capacity with a wide temperature range from 200F to 600F. It offers voltage settings from 0.35V up to 8V. This gives the average vape users with a wide temperature range to play with allowing them to easily find their sweet spot – and maybe room for more.  

The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer is also outfitted with an upgradeable firmware so you can easily update the running firmware system and get the latest updates from SMOK. This allows you to take advantage of new features future SMOK firmware updates would have to offer. It’s got a crisp OLED display that lets you see the status of the unit at a glance – even in broad daylight. This means you won’t have to stare on your vape screen for too long. All you need to do is to just press a button and you can check the status of the battery.  

That said, you can expect only the best performance with the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer. Fat clouds of vapor with great flavor retention is something of a norm when vaping with the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer. It also has a side-firing bar in lieu of a rounded or a squarish power button. This allows for easier handling and better tactile feel when using the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer. With all the good things the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer has to offer, its only shortcoming is the lack of any included battery which is utterly forgivable. Many other box mods on the market today do not include batteries and having to focus on improving the actual unit allows the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer to be a big, bad, vaping machine it is today.  

Make sure to check out the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer now!  

Super Powerful Box Mod 

To say that the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer can put out 220W of power is one thing, seeing it perform in action is another. The thick and dense vapor that’s enough to mimic that of real smoke is something the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer will have no trouble with doing. Cloud chasers can satisfy their fancy for fat clouds because of how powerful this mod is not to mention how fast this thing heats up. The moment you press the firing bar, the coils in the atomizer starts to fire and send clouds your way.  

Thanks to the customizable settings of the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer, you can easily get the most out of your sessions and change the output of the unit depending on your liking. With just a few presses of its buttons, you can easily decrease or increase the temperature. Because of the powerful chipset and the firmware installed in the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer, you can easily select the temperature profile and the voltage level that suits your needs. This means that you can select thin clouds of vapor with strong flavor retention or dense vapors enough to fill your lungs to the throat. That's way better than having to use a box mod with preset temperature settings, the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer offers a premium level of customization and personalization at the palm of your hands.  

Also, having to carry a super-powerful box mod with two large batteries may look like a daunting task. You’ve got a few vaporizers on the market that allows you to carry e-liquids in pods but they won’t allow you to blow clouds as fat as what the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer offers. It goes without saying that the quality of vapors the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer provides consumers is that of premium quality. Having to carry two heavy 18650 batteries in a large box mod may be taxing, but the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer sure reminds you that it’s worth having.  

A Powerful Atomizer to Match 

A powerful box mod battery is only as good as the atomizer sitting on top of it. The SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer comes with a relatively beefy atomizer in the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank.  

The TFV8 is equipped with a stainless-steel Pyrex glass tank which preserves the overall quality of your e-liquids in terms of flavor and vapor density. Glass is a material known for its inert properties. That said, the glass will not affect your e-liquids in terms of flavor and will not chemically react to heat as the glass tank sits millimeters away from the actual heating element. Other tanks made from low-quality and cheap raw materials may cause your e-liquids and your vapors to smell and taste like metal and plastic. Pyrex glass won’t. It’s made from premium borosilicate glass making it durable and hard-wearing compared to other glass tanks. The actual steel material is also made of relatively durable and high-quality stainless steel which prevents rust and other forms of corrosion from making its way inside the actual tank and spoiling and contaminating your e-liquids.  

Finally, the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is outfitted with a powerful coil able to quickly heat up your e-juice blends for fast and on-demand vaporization. The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank comes as an inclusive atomizer when you purchase your vaporizer so you do not have to buy another atomizer as a means of upgrading your kit. It spurts out more than decent clouds of vapor allowing you to enjoy the experience that only the combination of the SMOK Alien Kit Vaporizer and the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank can deliver.  

The TFV8 Baby Beast Tank can hold up to 3 ml of e-liquid for long vaping sessions in between reloads. The amount of e-juice it holds lasts depending on how long you vape, how hard you pull from your mouthpiece, or how often you take a drag. Nevertheless, the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank holds more material than the average vaporizer tank so, make sure to get yours now!  

What’s in the box:  

  • 1 x SMOK Alien 220W Mod 
  • 1 x TFV8 Baby Tank 
  • 1 x V8 Baby - T8 Core 
  • 1 x V8 Baby - Q2 Core 
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube 
  • 1 x User Manual 
  • 1 x USB Cable