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Carta Bubble Cap black
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Focus V

Carta Bubble Cap

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  • Original and Authentic Focus V Product
  • Made from High-Grade Materials
  • Compatible with Carta Vape Rig

About the Carta Bubble Cap

The Carta Bubble Cap is an authentic and original product from Focus V Products and is compatible with all Carta Vape Rigs including limited-edition colors. The Carta Bubble Cap is made from high-quality raw materials and boasts superior build quality and performance – the kind that Focus V is known for. This means you can enjoy longer vaping sessions without having to worry about your carb cap breaking on you or your carb cab having to affect the quality of your select wax concentrates. This makes the Carta Bubble Cap a fitting addition to your arsenal allowing you to enjoy your sessions the way they were supposed to – simple, straightforward, and free of worry. Because of how well the Carta Bubble Cap is built, you can easily enjoy the benefits your materials and your dab rig or your eRig has to offer instead of having to focus on whether your carb cap is too hot or not or whether it will break from the heat it gets from the heating element. The Carta Bubble Cap allows you to focus on what’s more important, getting lifted and medicated from the materials you use.

The Carta Bubble Cap is the ideal carb cap for those who need a reliable and a dependable tool in their arsenal. So, make sure to grab a Carta Bubble Cap and keep it with you so you can enjoy life’s pleasures without having to spend too much on your device. The Carta Bubble Cap may just well be the only carb cap you’ll ever need.

Why Buy A Carta Bubble Cap?

The Carta Bubble Cap is not only made with some of the best raw materials Focus V’s money can buy, but it’s also designed and engineered to provide you with the best experience through the adequately crafted air holes that allow you to customize and personalize your dab sessions. The carb cap itself is designed in the shape of a bubble so you can easily rotate the carb cap sideways or in almost any direction allowing you to take full advantage of the airflow for thorough vaporization. You can let smaller amounts of air come in so you can maintain and retain temperature for longer sessions or let larger amounts in which you can experience a significant amount of cooling for smoother draws. Nevertheless, customization and personalization of your daily sessions are made possible because of the addition of a carb cap. This simple and straightforward means of altering the way your dabs are heated also alters the way they react to heat allowing you to essentially alter your sessions in general. You don’t have to be a pro to be able to use the Carta Bubble Cap. All you need to do is to drop your dabs whatever way you choose and cap the banger or the cups with the Carta Bubble Cap. Swing the carb cap around and point the tip to the remaining dabs for better vaporization.

Make sure to buy a Carta Bubble Cap to improve your sessions now!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Carta Bubble Cap