PHIX Basic Kit
PHIX Basic Kit

PHIX Basic Kit

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  • Complete Kit 
  • Includes Essential Parts 
  • 280mAh Battery Capacity 
  • USB Charging Cable 
  • Includes PHIX Pod 

About the PHIX Basic Kit 

The PHIX Basic Kit is an all-inclusive bundle that includes all your vaping essentials in a convenient PHIX product. PHIX has always been at the forefront of innovation and has been a part of spearheading the pod vaporizer revolution. Pod vaporizers play an essential role in how many consumers and smokers found a healthier option when wanting a fix of nicotine. Pod vaporizers allowed for easy and seamless delivery of nicotine without suffering the consequences of inhaling the toxic byproducts of combusted tobacco.  

Pod vaporizers like the PHIX Vaporizer allowed the use of battery-powered devices that heated nicotine-based e-liquids that are vaporized without reaching the point of combustion. Each PHIX Battery is regulated at 3.7 volts which allows it to release only the ideal amount of power when vaping. PHIX Vaporizers are also draw-activated, this means that the battery will not have any kind of button on it and is only activated using the power of your draws. This makes the PHIX pod system a safe and straightforward device to use.  

Moreover, the PHIX Basic Kit with the PHIX Battery and pods are designed and are engineered to provide consumers with an average of 220 pulls on a single charge. It can be recharged with an inclusive proprietary USB charger that you can easily connect to any USB port.  

Better Than the Competition 

The PHIX Basic Kit offers better specs compared to what the competition offers.  

One good example is its larger capacity pods. Many of today's pod systems will only have half as much as the capacity of PHIX’s 1.5 ml pods. This means that you will enjoy the pods twice as much as you would other pods on the market making the PHIX Basic Kit and the pods in the PHIX kit a better option if you’re pinching pennies.  

You're getting the most out of your investment when you use PHIX pods. They also offer a wide range of flavors so you can have better options when finding that sweet spot in terms of the flavor of the e-liquids you’re comfortable with. This is true especially when vaping on pre-filled pod systems that come straight from the manufacturer filled with their proprietary blend of e-juice. It's also good to mention that the e-liquids in each PHIX Basic Kit is brewed and blended by Brewel MFG. Brewel is a company that’s been on the e-liquid brewing scene since forever and they’ve loaned their expertise in brewing e-liquids to PHIX so that their customers can enjoy premium e-liquids in PHIX’s pod systems. By brewing better e-liquids and by offering better flavor options to its customers, PHIX was able to provide something the competition couldn’t.  

The PHIX Basic Kit is geared towards providing the masses with a budget-friendly unit that will equip the user with all the essentials needed. That said, you can find almost all the accessories you need to get up to speed with the PHIX Vaporizer. No need to load and reload the chamber, atomizer, or tank. The moment you pop out your PHIX Basic Kit out of the box, you’re definitely ready to start vaping. There’s nothing to it, all you need to do is to insert the pod into the battery and you’re good to go. Everything in this system is magnetic, even the charger.  

This means that the actual use and operation of the device require no threading. You just snap everything off and into place which makes usage of the PHIX Basic Kit simple and straightforward. You don’t have to deal with complicated instructions and thick booklets when using the PHIX Basic Kit. It was designed and engineered intuitively so even consumers without prior experience in using vaporizers can take advantage of using the PHIX Basic Kit.  

More than a Safe Option  

The PHIX Basic Kit offers safer sessions not only because it produces vapor instead of smoke but also because of how it’s built overall.  

As mentioned earlier, the PHIX Basic Kit uses a draw activated battery so you can use the force of your pulls to activate the heating element on the pods. Instead of having to manually trigger the heating element like you would do when using a traditional vaporizer and play around with the frequency of the power by how long or how short you would press the button, the PHIX Basic Kit will allow you to use it the same way you would smoke on a cigarette. This makes regulating the amount of vapor easier and makes using the PHIX Basic Kit more natural especially if you’re a smoker transitioning to using vaporizers. There’s literally very little to no learning curve at all when using the PHIX Basic Kit.  

This means there’s very little to no learning curve at all when moving from conventional means of smoking to using electronic cigarettes like the PHIX Basic Kit. It’s easy to use easy to assemble kit that allows even beginners to enjoy, and especially not gets intimidated, in using an advanced vaporizer like the PHIX Basic Kit.  

Because the PHIX Basic Kit does not have a physical button, you will never run into the risk of having to accidentally activate your battery. This means that you will not accidentally burn the contents of your pods. Another benefit to it is that you get to preserve battery life especially when you keep the PHIX Basic Kit inside your pockets. Because the battery works only when there’s a pod connected to it, when you remove the pod when keeping the battery inside your pocket, you basically put the battery in sleep mode and conserve the battery level overall. This makes for a great option when carrying a vaporizer so you prolong the battery life and so you do not make the battery explode in your pockets. The PHIX Basic Kit is arguably the only pod vaporizer kit you’ll ever need.  

Make sure to check out the PHIX Basic Kit now! Get it here at the best price.  

What’s in the box:  

  • 1 x PHIX Battery 
  • 1 x PHIX Charger 

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