Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup
Leaf Buddi

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup

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  • Threaded Design 
  • Coil-Less Technology 
  • Pure Quartz 

About the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup 

The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup is a quartz-based heating element made specifically for the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer. It was manufactured to provide the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Rig with a fast-heating and a fast-acting wax concentrate cup. Many other wax consumers have various preferences when it comes to consuming concentrates. While others prefer the flavorful clouds and thin vapor production of ceramic heating elements, others prefer the fast-acting, hard-hitting, and potent vapor production of quartz heating elements.  

Quartz is known for its inert properties that make it an ideal heating element to use with wax concentrates. Quartz will not easily break even when subjected to extreme temperature levels. That said, you can trust that quartz heating elements will not break on you during use. They are reliable and are durable heating elements that will last you a long time and will give you your money’s worth.  

The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup is made from high-quality quartz materials allowing you to enjoy the properties quartz is best known for. Apart from its inert capabilities, quartz is best known for being a great conductor of heat. This is why when using the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup, you’re getting almost on-demand results from your Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizer. You can reap the benefits of your wax concentrates quickly. This means that you can enjoy the advantages your wax concentrates would have to offer even if you’re in a hurry – this makes it best for patients who use their vaporizers to administer their medication.  

Easy to Use Design 

One of the allures of the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup is its threaded easy to use design. You literally just have to screw it on top of the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Atomizer Base and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as having to use an atomizer on a vape pen. There’s very little to no learning curve at all when wanting to remove and replace this quartz-based attachment. That said, using the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig set up is something that even beginners and vape novices can do. You don’t need to be an experienced user or a vaping veteran to enjoy the same experience connoisseurs do. With the convenience of using Leaf Buddi Wuukah Electronic Rig Vaporizers, you can surely customize your experience like a pro. The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup plays a huge and major role in this avenue allowing you to make the most out of your experience even if you’re inexperienced.  

The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup also features a coil-less design which means that the Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup heats up without the use of quartz rods and coils unlike one would when using traditional and conventionally designed vape e-rigs. The Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup offers an efficient and effective means of consuming your favorite wax concentrates in a powerful and portable setup.  

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What’s in the box:  

  • 1 x Leaf Buddi Wuukah Quartz Cup 

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